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Nov 8, 2016

HICKS TRANSPORT * Australia: Enterprise story

* Victoria - Hicks Transport Group’s successful template

--- Based in the Murray River border town of Cobram, family-owned Hicks Transport Group (HTG) can look back at a typical rural business biography. Family patriarch, Brian Hicks, started out in farming and regularly drove his own truck to deliver the farm’s produce to market. When neighbours asked him to carry their produce, too, he simply attached a dog trailer to his D-series Ford – and found himself in the transport business... As the transport side of the business gained momentum, more and more growth came from the acquisition of competing companies, Brian recalls, but the focus recently went back to organic growth based on HTG’s capabilities and capacity to cope with the unique requirements of its rural clientele... Today, fruit and other fresh produce are HTG’s key cargo when travelling from regional Victoria to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. On the return runs, general freight and building products such as bagged cement keep the fleet well utilised... 
(Photo: Hicks Transport Group’s successful template Finding success in regional transport is a question of expertise, determination – and a lot of patience. Hicks Transport Group has been built upon decades of steady growth and continues to prosper in a category where success has eluded much of the competition)   --  Cobram, VIC, Australia - Prime Mover - November 2016 issue



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