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Nov 9, 2016

GIANT TRUCKS * Canada: Autonomous tested

* Alberta - Canadian oil sands giant testing autonomous haul trucks

(Video by komatsuir - Sep 26, 2016) 

--- The vast boreal forests of northern Alberta, Canada contain some of the largest oil sands mines in the world. While many of the operations have become in-situ – where the viscous, tarry substance known as bitumen is melted with steam and pumped back to the surface – a good number of them are open-pit mines, where operators rely on gigantic haul trucks and mining shovels to unearth and transport the sticky oil sands for eventual processing into crude oil... The Canadian oil sands then are an ideal training ground for autonomous haul trucks, which work best in assembly-line style operations where trucks move in a continuous production cycle. No surprise then, that Suncor has become the first Canadian oil sands operator to test an autonomous haulage system (AHS)... The largest Canadian oil sands producer confirmed last week it has embarked on a one-year pilot project involving the use of six 400-tonne Komatsu autonomous haulers in an isolated part of Suncor's mine site in northern Alberta... In development since 1990, the Japanese company first introduced an AHS truck in 2008 and says since then it has hauled over a billion tonnes of overburden and ore at large mines in Chile and Australia...
Northern Alberta, ALB, CAN- Mining, by Andrew Topf - 6 Nov 2016

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