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Nov 2, 2016

ELD mandate * USA: Effective from 18 December 2017

* DC - ELD mandate upheld in court, compliance date remains December 2017

--- A federal mandate requiring nearly all U.S. truck operators to use electronic logging devices to track duty status has been upheld in court, meaning the December 18, 2017, compliance date remains effective... The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals, the federal court overseeing the case, voted to keep the mandate in place, securing a victory for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and its ELD rule... The decision does not change the rule’s exemption for pre-2000 year-model trucks, which are allowed to operate without an ELD... The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association filed a lawsuit on behalf of two truckers in March in an attempt to have the mandate overturned. But OOIDA was unable to convince the court of its arguments that the rule violates truckers’ Fourth Amendment rights to privacy. OOIDA also claimed the rule didn’t meet standards set by Congress for an ELD mandate — an argument the court also rejected... OOIDA President and CEO Jim Johnston said the organization was “disappointed,” and that it “strongly” disagreed with the court's ruling... “Because this issue is of vital importance to our members and all small business truckers, we are reviewing our next steps to continue our challenge against this regulation,” Johnston said in a statement... 
(Photo: A tablet in a truck cab, eLoggin Screen)  --  Washington, DC, USA - CCJ, by James Jaillet - October 31, 2016

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