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Nov 22, 2016

AUTONOMOUS TRUCKS * USA: "But will still require human operators in the cab"

* Virginia - ATRI: Autonomous trucks pave way for hours reform and more, but major roadblocks remain

--- Autonomous trucks will drastically change the trucking industry, says the American Transportation Research Institute in a new report, with implications ranging from major regulatory reform to greater efficiency and safety, as well as infrastructure updates, an altered legal landscape and new labor market... ATRI also says truck operators shouldn’t fret about job security, as automated trucks will still require human operators in the cab. Public policy will likely dictate this too, per the report... Roadblocks still remain, however, before the U.S. trucking industry sees any substantial uptake of the technology, the report notes. The biggest hurdle is infrastructure upgrades necessary for the best operation of autonomous trucks, including smoother highways, better signage and highway-to-vehicle communication instruments. Such investment is out of the hands of private sector companies like motor carriers and falls squarely on the shoulders of the public sector, ATRI notes... 
Arlington, VIR, USA - Overdrive, by James Jaillet - November 17, 2016

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