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Oct 26, 2016

WORST ROADS * Australia: Report

* NSW - Which roads do you fear?

--- Which state in Australia has the worst roads?: If you looked at the last Australian Automobile Association Australian Road Assessment Program, the Northern Territory and Tasmania would have stuck out... Since that report came out in 2013 much work has been done to roads by ways of maintenance and improvements. We understand a new report will be launched in the coming months... The AusRap report gave roads a star rating, with one being the worst up to five being the best... 

° New South Wales & ACT: More than 4700 kilometres of highway were analysed in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory for the last report and more than half of highways surveyed were rated as low as one-star (nine per cent) or two-star (42%)... 
° Victoria: Of the 2363 kilometres of road surveyed in Victoria, only 23% was rated as one or two-star... Victoria was the only jurisdiction which had five-star stretches of road significant enough to register as a percentage of the total state breakdown; two per cent of the highway network is rated as five-star... Among the highways of concern were the Calder Hwy...

 ... Keep an eye out on future editions where we will look at the rest of the states and see which roads have been upgraded and which ones still need work... (send email to: 
(Photo: WORST ROADS: Much work has been done since a report in 2013)  --   Sidney, NSW, Australia - Big Rigs, by Allan Reinikka - 24th Oct 2016

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