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Oct 15, 2016

UBER's news * USA: Unemployment payments to two former drivers

* New York - Uber drivers ruled eligible for jobless payments in 

--- Two former drivers for Uber are eligible for unemployment payments, New York State regulators have ruled, finding that they should be treated as employees rather than independent contractors, as the company has maintained... Unlike contractors, employees are entitled to a variety of rights and protections, including a minimum wage and workers’ compensation insurance, and are typically more costly for companies to rely on... The decision could make it more difficult for Uber, its rival Lyft and other new businesses operating in what is known as the gig economy by raising their costs and challenging their business model...
(Photo by Kevin Hagen/The New York Times - Uber drivers in a staged strike in Long Island City, Queens, in February)   --  NY, USA - The NYT, by NOAM SCHEIBER - Oct. 12, 2016

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