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Oct 1, 2016

UBER / OTTO * USA: Autonomous trucks on highways in 2017

* California - Uber-owned Otto to offer freight hauling services next year

--- Uber acquired self-driving lorry startup Otto this summer in a deal worth up to $680 million and it plans to put the company to work next year,  according to comments from Otto co-founder Lior Ron... To recap, Otto’s technology allows existing trucks to be ‘retrofitted’ with self-driving technology which can handle driving on U.S. highways. It doesn’t entirely automate the process since human drivers are needed to negotiating coming on and off highways, but the technology may enable drivers to rest more and make their deliveries faster in the future... The technology remains under development, but with Uber’s considerable resources now on board, Lior and his team aim to begin working with warehouses and stores to partially automate the driving process and generally improve efficiency... 
San Francisco, CAL, USA - TechCrunch, by Jon Russell - Sep 27, 2016

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