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Oct 10, 2016


* Seoul - Unionized workers of freight transport to go on strike from Monday

--- Truck drivers threatened to go on a strike from Monday midnight following the ongoing strike by railway workers, raising fear of a major ground logistics disruption in Korea. The government warned clampdown against illegal strike and is recruiting replacement workers to keep logistics trade unaffected by walkouts... Leaders of unionized workers of freight transport announced on Wednesday in a press conference that it would embark on a general strike to oppose to the government’s reform outline on freight transport market released in August. The leaders ordered unionized members to refuse cargo loading and unloading starting Monday... The union blamed the government for refusing to hear workers out and causing them to go on a strike... The union fears that the deregulation proposed in the outline could lead to spike in cargo trucks while the government shrugs off the concerns of a glut as the liberalization primarily is aimed for small trucks of less than 1.5 tons that are short in supply... 
Seoul, S.K. - Pulse News, by Chun Jung-hong - 5 Oct 2016

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