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Oct 26, 2016

TRUCKERS' SHORTAGE * Canada: Estimated in 10,000 in Ontario alone, by 2024

* Ontario - 'Demographic Tsunami'  for truckers 

(Video by ThygeRRR1 - Feb 14, 2014 - ATTENTION, VERY VULGAR VIDEOS: there is a lot of sarcasm, swearing, and those videos are made for fun, for jokes, although they do represent my actions and thoughts in the moment of recording.... everything is spontaneous, and you shouldnt take those videos too seriously... so save yourself trouble and maybe dont watch it...)

 --- The country will soon be confronted with a shortage of truckers — an estimated 10,000 in Ontario alone by 2024... There are currently about 300,000 truck drivers in Canada, about 97% male, making it the second largest employer of men in the country... Although there’s currently a “slow growth environment” for trucking positions, the long-term trend points to an increasing shortage of drivers, particularly those making long-distance hauls. Under-employed, millennials aren’t attracted to jobs where they might be away from home for a longer time or might have to sleep in their cab, he said... Those type of jobs might pull in $70,000 a year, but there is a need to examine driver compensation in general... The other problem for commercial drivers is that governments don’t deem the job to be a skilled occupation... Ontario will become the first jurisdiction in the country to require mandatory entry-level training for truck drivers, starting next July. Bradley said that change will go a long way to putting this career option on the same level as other trades and making it more appealing to young people...

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