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Oct 31, 2016

TRUCKERS' HELP from * Australia: TO AVOID FINES !!

* South Australia - How to use technology to avoid fines

--- One of the biggest changes to the log book is the advent of electronic work diaries (EWD)... EWDs work just like a written work diary but they record your driving hours automatically when you turn the machine on. You also tell it when you're on a break and it records that time for you as well... At this stage infringements will only be issued when a driver is intercepted, their EWD checked by an authorised officer and an offence detected. While they are not mandatory a lot of people speculate that one day they will be... A lot of truckies are already using an electronic system to help them out, Ivan Janssen's Logbook Checker... The app tells you when you can start driving again legally, when you have to stop, can help you fill out a diary, and best of all isn't something that the police can use to hand you a fine... A lot of truckies say they push through periods of being tired so they can make it home quicker, with this if you had to stop and sleep you would know exactly how many more hours you could go before breaking the law... Mr Janssen said drivers found it very easy to use and it was priced competitively at $20 a year to subscribe. He's planning on developing it further but at the moment is just working on keeping the app up to date with all the laws... 
 (Photo - TIME OUT: A driver uses the Logbook Checker app)   --  Adelaide, S.A., Australia - Big Rigs, by Carly Morrissey - 30th Oct 2016

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