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Oct 26, 2016


* Ontario - Truckers face tough road for staying healthy

--- That driver barrelling down the highway in a truck weighing up to 63,500 kilograms could suffer from a weight problem that’s making him sleepy... While obesity and drowsiness aren’t concerns only for truckers, people who drive for a living face a particularly tough road — bad food options, a lack of rest stops and long, long shifts spent sitting behind the wheel... A driver opting to pull over somewhere for a nap faces potential safety issues or a ticket, David Bradley, president and CEO of the Canadian Trucking Alliance and Ontario Trucking Association, said ... A multimillion-dollar study is being conducted by the University Health Network in Toronto to research the extent of the sleep apnea problem in Canada, and possible solutions to correct it, he said... The Ontario Ministry of Transportation says commercial drivers must submit a medical report when applying for a licence and additional medical reports every five years under the age of 46, every three years between 46-64 and annually if older than 65 years... The Canadian government plans to mandate electronic log books for bus and truck drivers by late next year to enforce limits on how long they can be behind the wheel and how much time they must rest between shifts...
(Photo by Stan Behal/Toronto Sun - New commercial truckers in Ontario will be required to take entry-level training)   --  Toronto, ONT, CAN - The Toronto Sun, by ANTONELLA ARTUSO - OCT 22, 2016

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