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Oct 4, 2016

TESLA's Autopilot crashes again * Canada - "The autopilot didn't work”

* Ontario - The Autonomous Report: Cheap LIDAR is on the way and truckers may be in trouble

--- Another Tesla has crashed while in Autopilot mode. The incident occurred in Germany. According to a news report a 50-year-old driver's Tesla hit a tour bus as the bus changed lanes... Driverless autopilot systems have “come under global scrutiny following fatal crashes in northern China in January and in the US state of Florida in May ... The driver in Wednesday's crash told “police that he had not removed his hands from the wheel while the autopilot was activated, German press agency DPA reported” ... Could the drive be found not guilty, and liability end up on Tesla? ... A report in the tech press notes that cheap versions of the light sensing technology known as LIDAR will be key to the future of AVs and some are close to coming to market... So far, according to the report, the “size, complexity, and cost of the current generation of LIDAR sensors are significant obstacles”. The sensor itself weighs more than 13 kilograms and costs US $80,000” ... But the company has just announced a new product that will be good to 200 metres, weighs only 600 grams and could cost just $500 (if produced at typical automotive industry scale)... 
(Photo: Tech entrepreneurs have proposed a 'self-driving highway' to run between Vancouver and Seattle)   --  Toronto, ONT, CAN - The Collision Repair Mag, by Jeff Sanford - October 2, 2016

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