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Oct 19, 2016

OLDER TRUCKERS * USA: "The greater majority of truck-related crashes are not caused by truckers"

* New York - Are older commercial truck drivers causing more danger on nation's highways?

--- America’s trucking industry is facing a severe driver shortage. One estimate says about 48,000 drivers are needed to move 70 percent of the nation’s goods... Companies are aggressively recruiting retirees. Drivers more than 65 years old make up about 10 percent of commercial vehicle operators in the U.S. A five month investigation by CBS News looks at how the increase in older drivers translates to potential danger on the nation’s highways... This trend is a result of the recent downturn in the economy... Individuals are working well past the retirement age of 65. But as the industry has changed, the rules of the roads have not kept up with the times -- raising the question: Is more screening needed for commercial drivers? ... A CBS News analysis of crash data reveals a 19 percent increase in accidents involving commercial truck and bus drivers in their 70s, 80s and even 90s, in just the last three years. From 2013 to 2015, there were more than 6,636 involving elderly drivers in 12 states alone... The initiative was shelved because of the labor shortage and a lack of age restrictions. Trucking schools are now actively recruiting seniors, promising good benefits and money to supplement retirement... An association representing independent truck drivers said, while there are more commercial drivers over 70, “the greater majority of truck-related crashes are not caused by truckers, but are instead caused by other drivers”...
(Photo: Older Couple truckers)--  New York, NY, USA - CBS NEWS, reports correspondent Kris Van Cleave - October 18, 2
° KUMIJO 16 hours ago: "I blame young inexperienced drivers for most the wrecks. Have seen it far too many times.. A truck swerves into my lane, I look up and its a young driver. Older drivers have more experience and are less likely to be playing with a computer or taking on a phone."
° TASH.THO 17 hours ago: "Is this the entire report? According to FMCSA data, less than 6% of large truck and bus drivers in fatal crashes are over 65. If about 10% of large truck and bus drivers are more than 65 years old as stated in the article, then older truck drivers are actually safer than truck drivers on average."
° JIMBO7776 22 hours ago: "Drives and pilots over 65 should be allowed with cognitive testing."

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