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Oct 17, 2016

NAVISTAR's news * USA - Demonstrates SuperTruck, platooning

* Indiana - Navistar's SuperTruck changes shape at highway speeds

--- Navistar’s super-cool SuperTruck actually changes shape as it reaches highway speeds, lowering the front axle up to two inches and the trailer axles by as much as three, giving the tractor-trailer an airfoil shape... The company demonstrated its SuperTruck this week at its sprawling test track in New Carlisle, Ind.... Navistar also demonstrated its ability to operate truck platoons, with following vehicles driven autonomously. International has been working to develop and test the system. I rode along in the second truck in a two-truck platoon and watched as the driver joined the platoon and then removed his hands and feet from the steering wheel and pedals... The truck followed the one in front as close as 15 meters and steered itself in accordance with the movements of the lead truck. Navistar engineers demonstrated lane changes, but no, the following truck doesn’t activate its own signal light. Most of the driving, however, was done hands-free... 
(Photo: Hands-free driving of the second truck in a two-truck platoon)   --   New Carlisle, IND, USA - Truck News (CAN), by James Menzies

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