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Oct 26, 2016

HITACHI's at MINEXPO * USA: "The trucks actually become even smarter"

* Nevada - What to expect from the next generation of autonomous trucks

(Video from Hitachi Construction Machinery Channel - Feb 18, 2015: The desire to continuously improve operational efficiencies and safety in the mining industry has driven Hitachi Construction Machinery to embark on developing Autonomous Haulage System to meet and exceed customers’ expectations)

--- Hitachi says autonomous trucks are advancing their ability to communicate with one another and other pieces of equipment on the mine site... "Our next generation of autonomous will see that the trucks actually become even smarter," said Brian Mace, Manager of Mining Applications & Product Marketing at Hitachi's Construction & Mining Division during an interview with at MINExpo last month. "They can kind of talk to each other, and make some of those decisions by themselves through the autonomous software" ... Mace says this will be especially useful in remote locations since control can be centralized. Mining companies won't have to support so many personnel at remote sites... "So it's autonomy—the efficiency of having multiple people in one spot for multiple mine sites" ... 
 Las Vegas, NEV, USA - - 20 Oct 2016



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