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Oct 5, 2016

GM's news * USA: New hydrogen fuel cell-powered pickup truck

* DC - GM and U.S. Army unveil Hydrogen Fuel Cell Chevy Colorado ZH2

--- The military is heading into an emissions-free future — or so it hopes — in a new hydrogen fuel cell-powered pickup truck jointly developed by General Motors Co. and the U.S. Army... The Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 prototype was unveiled Monday at the annual Association of the United States Army meeting in Washington, D.C. ... Vehicles that run on hydrogen fuel cells operate more efficiently than those relying on internal combustion engines. Hydrogen fuel is cleaner to produce than diesel and ejects water as a byproduct instead of carbon dioxide... TARDEC and GM stretched the Colorado’s chassis, reinforced its interior and exterior, and equipped it with 37-inch tires and a modified suspension suited for the military’s off-road needs. The vehicle can haul 1,300 pounds— or roughly four soldiers and their gear... The Army is testing other hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as well. A fleet of 119 fuel cell-equipped Chevrolet Equinoxes has already clocked more than 3.1 million miles, driven by more than 5,000 civilians and troops participating in GM’s Project Driveway program... In addition to transportation, equipped vehicles can provide electrical and thermal power. The ZH2 can create up to 50 kilowatts of electricity each hour, or enough to power several homes. The pickup also emits two gallons of water each hour... 
Washington, DC, USA -, by DEANNA ISAACS - OCT 4, 2016



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