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Oct 26, 2016

FORD replace glass components * Australia - From research to commercial application

* South Australia - Ford buys up big on plastic side mirrors for F-Series trucks

--- An Australian plastics scientist has won the inaugural Prime Minister's Prize for New Innovators for creating a process that allows manufacturers to replace glass components with light-weight plastic... Dr Colin Hall and his colleagues at the University of South Australia’s Future Industries Institute combined micron thin layers of plastics to develop a material that can replace glass in cars, aircraft, spacecraft, and even whitegoods – making them lighter and more efficient... One of the first applications for the technology has been the creation of shatter-proof plastic side mirrors for cars that are now being exported to the US. The mirrors are made in Adelaide, South Australia, by SMR Automotive and have earned AUD$160m (£101m, US$123m) in exports to date... Over the last five years, the Ford Motor Company has purchased more than 1.6 million assemblies for the plastic side mirrors for use on its F-Series trucks... Car makers have long searched for new ways to reduce the body weight of vehicles and the car-wing mirror design weighs a fraction of the conventional glass product... The award acknowledged the contribution Dr Hall has made to bringing science and industry together to find practical solutions to problems that have a market value... 
(Image courtesy of the Dept of Industry, Innovation and Science - Adelaide scientist, Colin Hall, has been recognised with Prime Minister's science prize for creating shatter-proof plastic side mirrors for cars)   --  Adelaide, SA, Australia - The Manufacturer, by Tim Brown - 26 Oct 2016



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