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Oct 19, 2016

FEMALE TRUCKER LIFE * Canada: She loves to drive trucks

* Ontario - Female truck driver loves her life on the road

--- Valeska Riveros isn't your typical truck driver. She is just about as tall as the door handle on her 18-wheel big rig. But Riveros, 37, says life on the road has given her a feeling of freedom, security, and independence that she's never known before... "I love this job," said Riveros, who works for Challenger Motor Freight Inc. "I don't know how I didn't do this before" ... Riveros came to trucking after spending about 10 years working in Kitchener at the Schneider's meat packing plant. When that factory closed, she was offered a job in Hamilton at the new, amalgamated Maple Leaf factory. For Riveros, the work was monotonous and unfulfilling — and she was getting paid $3 less an hour... 
(Photo by Gary Yokoyama,The Hamilton Spectator: Valeska Riveros in the cab of her 2015 Volvo truck) -- Hamilton, ONT, USA - Hamilton Spectator, by Emma Reilly - Oct 18, 2016

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