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Oct 5, 2016

DAIMLER's news * Germany: New trucks connectivity solutions

* Stuttgart - Daimler Trucks North America collaborates with AT&T and Microsoft Corporation

--- Daimler Trucks North America  is announcing new collaborations with AT&T and Microsoft Corporation with the goal of delivering further enhancements to its Detroit Connect suite of connected vehicle services. AT&T will provide cellular service for the new Detroit Connect Truck Data Center, an intelligent piece of hardware that connects the truck to the Internet of Things... Exclusive to the new Freightliner Cascadia, the box out of Daimler Trucks global modular system provides communications capabilities for the Detroit Connect telematics system... This includes Detroit Connect Remote Updates, which enables over-the-air engine updates and powertrain electronic firmware update capabilities for customers, as well as the ability to integrate third-party telematics applications... 
(Photo: Freightliner Trucks: Empowering your business with Detroit Connect telematics)   --   Stuttgart, Germany / Las Vegas, NEV, USA - PRNewswire - Oct. 4, 2016



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