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Oct 29, 2016

CYBER - ATTACKS TRUCKING * USA: A real threat for the industry

* NY - But for the automated trucks, cyberattack it's a biggest risk

--- The expanding network of Internet of Things (IoT) technology is giving motor carriers new options to make their equipment and drivers safer and more efficient. With every new device, software application or sensor that connects to the Internet comes added risk, however... More information continues to be processed and stored in the cloud, putting individuals and businesses at greater risk from a cyberattack... Awareness of that risk is heightened by recent events. On Friday, Oct. 21, a global Internet attack brought down major websites and slowed communications to a crawl, for example... As one example, a cybercriminal might decide to hack into a carrier’s IT systems to obtain freight manifests. Besides planning a load heist, a hacker might do this to change a manifest to facilitate smuggling or drug trafficking... The specter of risk will only increase as autonomous trucks hit the roads. One can easily imagine the problems caused by a cyberattack that disables a vehicle or takes over the controls... The future of trucking may be exciting, but the path to automation comes with a greater risk of cyberattacks...
 (Photo: Hackers pose significant threat to trucking operations) --  NY, USA - CCJ, by Aaron Huff - October 26, 2016

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