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Oct 10, 2016

BAN ON DOUBLE TRAILERS * Mexico - By the Citizens’ Movement party

* Mexico - Another party joins transport truck debate

--- The opposition to semi-tractors pulling two trailers is growing as yet another political party has presented a legislative proposal to Congress... The Citizens’ Movement party (MC) seeks to prohibit the practice and backed up its position with data that indicates that two-trailer rigs in particular and cargo transportation in general are the main causes of most traffic accidents on Mexican highways... The proposal presented by the Citizens’ Movement party observed that 84% of domestic cargo is transported by trucks and “during 2013 alone those trucks were involved in 18,000 accidents” ... The document observed that the number of fatalities due to traffic accidents is close to 20,000 a year... The proposal quoted a study by the Finance Secretariat that said 90% of accidents involving cargo trucks could be prevented if greater transit safety measures were implemented... The same study said the three most important factors in transit safety were the human component, proper truck maintenance and tire inspections... 
(Photo: Emergency personnel at the scene of Friday's accident)   --   Mexico DF, MEX - Mexico News Daily - October 4, 2016

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