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Sep 22, 2016

VW & MAN news * Germany: Trucks with new digital services

* Wolfsburg - VW's MAN to sell trucks with new digital services from 2017

--- Volkswagen division MAN will next year start selling heavy-duty commercial vehicles with new digital services to make its trucks more efficient... Truck makers are looking for new revenue from connected services that can make vehicles safer and more efficient. For large truck fleets, that can mean big savings... MAN has developed a cloud-based platform called RIO capable of connecting those in the freight transport business, including hauliers, dispatchers and receivers while feeding truck drivers traffic and navigation data, VW said on Tuesday... Through RIO, logistics firms will be able to better use vehicle capacity, reduce empty journeys, save fuel and avoid traffic jams, VW said in a statement published on the eve of the Hanover trucks show... 
(Photo from REUTERS, by Ina Fassbender: Signs of VW and MAN are pictured at a truck service centre in Dortmund July 4, 2011) -- Wofsburg, Germany - Reuters, by Andreas Cremer - 20 Sept 2016



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