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Sep 14, 2016

VOLVO's news * USA: Exceeded goal improving truck freight efficiency by 50%

* DC - Volvo hits 13 mpg with SuperTruck

--- Many of the improvements built into the newest Volvo trucks and powertrain can be traced back to the US Department of Energy’s US$20-million SuperTruck project. Volvo made the revelation when it took the wraps off its SuperTruck at a press event this morning in Washington, D.C. ... Examples of enhancements that were developed on the SuperTruck and carried over to Volvo’s production vehicles include: a new aerodynamic bumper; flared chassis fairings on the VN 630 and 670; and an aerodynamically enhanced roof for the 670. Airflow through the engine compartment has also been optimized... As for the powertrain, Volvo’s new patented wave piston design was validated on the SuperTruck, as well as its new common rail fuel injection system and turbo-compounding, which Volvo is rolling out on its D13... The US Department of Energy gave Volvo $20 million to work with and the truck maker matched the funding, and then some. The goal was to improve freight efficiency by 50%, but Volvo exceeded that, bettering it by 88%. It also reduced vehicle weight compared to a 2009 model year VN by more than 3,000 lbs, reduced drag by 40% and improved fuel economy by 70%. Nyberg said testing routinely showed the SuperTruck achieving more than 12 mpg while loaded and with some additional tinkering it has now surpassed 13 mpg... 
(Photo: Volvo's new SuperTruck)   --  Washington, D.C., USA – Truck News (CAN), by Carlie Menzies - 13 Sept 2016



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