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Sep 13, 2016

VOLVO's news * Sweden: Self-driving trucks underground

* Stockholm - Concept Volvo FMX truck tested in a mine in the north of Sweden

(Video from FlyWheel TV - Sep 8, 2016: Volvo Trucks is now taking yet another important step in the development of autonomous vehicles. Over the next year and a half, self-driving Volvo FMX trucks will be tested in regular operations in the Boliden mine in Kristineberg, Sweden) 

--- While many manufacturers are testing self-driving trucks on the surface, Volvo is taking its trials a little deeper... According to the Swedish truck maker, it is putting its autonomous vehicle to work underground to test how the truck handles the difficult conditions... The featured truck is a concept Volvo FMX updated to include a number of sensors that continuously monitor fixed and moving obstacles in its surroundings... The FMX is also equipped with an on-board transport system that gathers information to optimise its route and fuel consumption... Promising safety and improved transport movements through the worksite, the truck is travelling a 7km route through the Boliden Group’s Kristineberg Mine as part of real-life operations... 
Stockholm, Sweden - Trade Trucks - 12 Sept 2016

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