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Sep 6, 2016

TRUCKS WEIGHING 83k POUNDS * USA: Allowed on Arizona's border

* Arizona - Program makes it easier to get heavier trucks on Arizona roads

--- More overweight trucks may soon barrel down certain Southern Arizona roadways...A pilot program that started Sept. 1 allows permitting of some trucks weighing up to 83,000 pounds on Interstate 19 from Nogales to Tucson, Business Loop 19 in Nogales, Arizona 189 and Interstate 10 between mileposts 232 and 279, roughly between Marana and Vail... The number of trucks in the yearlong pilot program hasn’t yet been determined, said Steve Elliot, assistant communications director for the Arizona Department of Transportation... Some overweight trucks already are on our freeways — commercial trucks that weigh up to 90,800 pounds can get exemptions that let them haul produce from Mexico to warehouses within 25 miles of the border. But those special permits are granted on an individual basis... Truckers that qualify for overweight permits under the pilot program will not have to seek permission again and again as long as they stay at 83,000 pounds or less... Critics of the pilot program worry that it will endanger noncommercial vehicles sharing the highways with the heavy trucks... 
(Photo: Mariposa Port of Entry)  --   Tucson, ARIZ, USA - The Arizona Daily Star, by Luis F. Carrasco - Sep 4, 2016

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