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Sep 8, 2016

TRUCKS' PARKING SHORTAGE * USA: New places needed to

* New Jersey - With rest areas full, truck drivers pull over along Route 287

(Video from NJTV News - Sep 1, 2016: Truck drivers often park on the shoulder of Route 287 in Mahwah because they're legally required to take a break after 11 hours, but it can be dangerous) 

 --- For the growing number of tractor trailers and trucks driving along Route 287, there is simply no room at the inn when drivers are looking for a place to rest... With legal parking spots in Mahwah and nearby filling up fast during the day, the drivers are often stuck parking on the shoulder of the busy interstate highway... And the side of the road can be a deadly place to catch a nap. Last winter, a man was killed when his Subaru hit the back of a truck. And there have been several other serious accidents... The drivers often don’t have many options. Federal law limits their driving to 11 hours a day so as they hit that time, they have to pull over and find a place to rest... The trucking industry says there are 3 million heavy duty trucks on America’s roads, meaning more than 3 million drivers who move 70 percent of the nation’s freight, need new places to park and rest up... 
Mahwah, NJ, USA -- NJTV, by Andrew Schmertz - 1 ewpt 2016

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