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Sep 15, 2016

TRUCKS E-LOGS * USA: Appeled on Court

* Illinois - Independent truckers ask Appeals Court to bar e-logs

--- Truckers are required under federal law to take regular breaks and to stop driving after 11 hours on the road. And electronic logging devices, known as e-logs, will be required in most trucks used for long-haul routes by late 2017... But, an independent truckers’ group asked a federal appeals court panel Tuesday to bar the government from requiring drivers to install devices that log their hours behind the wheel... The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says e-logs will reduce accidents by making it easier to enforce limits on how long interstate truckers can drive... On Tuesday, the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association argued that e-logs would violate the privacy of millions of drivers by allowing employers and the government to track their movements. Employers would also be able to use data generated by e-logs to force truckers to drive in unsafe conditions if they hadn’t hit their hours limits, lawyers for the group said... Many large fleets already use e-logs to make sure drivers comply. Some smaller fleets and independent drivers who own their own trucks have balked at buying the devices, which can cost $500 per truck. They say they can track drivers’ hours by having them manually enter their start and stop times on paper... They also questioned whether the data would be used for other purposes, such as to cite drivers for traffic violations. Mr. Waldman said the devices were only meant to be used to track the hours of service, and only the records of violations will be reviewed and kept by enforcement personnel... 
(Photo: A truck driver log book)   --  Chicago, ILL, USA - The WSJ, by Kelsey Gee - Sept. 13, 2016

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