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Sep 9, 2016

The "Great Wall of Calais" * France: To avoid migrants reach trucks to UK

* Calais - Migrants: Work to start on UK-funded wall

--- Construction of a UK-funded wall near Calais' so-called Jungle migrant camp will begin soon, the Home Office says... Dubbed the "Great Wall of Calais" by some media, the 4m (13ft) wall will run for 1km (0.6 miles) along both sides of the main road to Calais port... Home Secretary Amber Rudd told MPs that while the UK provided money to help secure Calais, it was up to the French to decide which measures to use... Work is expected to start this month, with the wall due to be finished by the end of the year... Numerous fences have been built to protect the port, the Eurotunnel terminal and train tracks on the other side of Calais, and the BBC understands the wall will not replace any of those... Many of the migrants living at the Jungle and other camps in northern France attempt to reach the UK by boarding lorries as they approach ports or the Channel Tunnel... 
(Photo: GETTY IMAGES - Fences have already been built along much of the main road to the port)  --  Calais, France - BBC - 7 September 2016

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