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Sep 24, 2016

SCANIA's * Sweden - Gigantic working trucks' clock

* Stockholm - This is actually a fleet of trucks driving in circles

(Video from Scania Group - Sep 20, 2016: The New Generation Scania takes on the most demanding challenge. Time. Experience it on

--- To maximize profit, tractor trailers need to stay on the road for as long as possible. So to show off the performance and reliability of its vehicles, truck-maker Scania had 14 of its vehicles, manned by 90 drivers working around the clock, circle an empty airport for 24 hours straight to create a gigantic real-time clock when viewed from the air... A YouTube livestream of the stunt has been running non-stop for the past 22 hours, with the trucks occasionally losing a few seconds here and there, but always remaining in perfect formation. Is it the most accurate way to tell the time? Probably not. But the next time I’m shopping for a tractor-trailer because I want to create a giant Rolex watch in the desert, you better believe my first stop will be the Scania store at my local mall... 
Södertälje, Stockholm, Sweden - Gizmodo, by Andrew Liszewski - 21 Sept 2016



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