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Sep 11, 2016

SCANIA news * Sweden - New technologies for the the new generation of heavy trucks

* Stockholm - PLM at Scania Heavy Trucks: Smart Vehicles, Porsche Design, and a Looming Vendor Battle

--- How resource-intensive is it to develop a new generation of heavy trucks? Probably more than anyone outside the industry can imagine... When this Volkswagen Group subsidiary launched its new range of trucks in late August, it was the culmination of a ten-year development process, total investment of around $2.5 Billion and more than 10 million kilometers of test driving... Generally speaking, the new Scania generation follows the idea of Product-as-a-Service in many respects... What you get is a “shell” that can be filled with whatever capabilities, engine power or functionalities you want... Scania’s CEO, Henrik Henriksson added, "The most noticeable features in our new model generation are the new cabs. But the real innovation is that we are now introducing new technologies, services and insights that will help our customers gain an overview of both their costs and their revenues”.. . Henriksson’s point is that connectivity makes Scania’s new trucks smarter, and the company plans to go all-in on this technology... With their new range of trucks, Scania claims that they can supply more performance stages, connectivity and a comprehensive palette of productivity-enhancing services, as well as sustainable transportation solutions that are precisely customised for each type of customer in the highly competitive transportation industry... 
(Photo from Scania: Tailor-made trucks are Scania’s speciality. On average the company produces 1.2 trucks, out of 60,000 annually, with the same configuration)   --  Södertälje, STCKM, Sweden - Engineering, by Verdi Ogewell - 8 Sept 2016



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