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Sep 6, 2016

SAFE RATES * Australia - For the trucking industry

* NSW - Campaign to boost in TWU's spotlight

--- The Transport Workers' Delegates Conference at Rooty Hill on August 25 and 26 has seen union members strengthen their resolve to ensure that the industry as a whole is committed to the Safe Rates campaign outcome, ensuring that clients are accountable and committed to paying their fair share towards safety on our roads... Statistics from Safework Australia show that last year 55 transport workers were killed on the job... The pressure on drivers is higher than it should be, and the TWU is keen to ensure that clients like the major retailers have more accountability when it comes to the safe transport of their freight... The TWU is concerned that large retailers are fragmenting the industry with their competitive behaviour, whilst looking to keep their freight costs down... Safe Rates is about extending the protections available in NSW to every single transport worker, owner driver and employee... It is about making sure that transport workers can support their families and pay their bills without having to drive every hour of the day... In NSW the General Carriers Contract Determination has been in operation in the Sydney Metropolitan area since 1984... It has ensured that basic safety and cost recovery for drivers are supported by a minimum standard for working conditions...
(Photo by Derek Barry - The TWU is committed making sure everyone supports the Safe Rates campaign)   --  Rooty Hill, NSW, Australia - - Big Rigs, by Richard Olsen - 5th Sep 2016



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