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Sep 30, 2016

MACK TRUCKS' video * USA: "The Horn"

* North Carolina - Mack Trucks awarded for video

(Video from Mack Trucks - Oct 30, 2015: Whether you're a customer, driver, or just a big fan) 

--- Mack Trucks has been recognized for its film production with four bronze awards for its video ‘The Horn’ ... Selected from more than 13,000 entries from all 50 states and several countries, the 37th annual Telly Awards honored the video, which details a man’s love for trucks from a young age and his current career as a truck driver... The four awards Mack Trucks received included bronze for branded content and entertainment – business-to-customer; branded content and entertainment – promotional-to-customer; commercial – automotive; and commercial – campaign – promotional/branding... Around since 1979, more than 500 judges make up the Telly Awards’ panel, each accomplished industry professionals... 
Greensboro, N.C., USA – Truck News - September 27, 2016



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