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Sep 5, 2016

ISUZU news * Australia - Updating N Series range

* Victoria - Isuzu Australia reveals a suite on 2016 N series

--- In a move that sees Australia as one of the first to receive the latest from the Japanese company, Isuzu Australia says the 2016 updates will include new model variants, new technology, and the arrival of the third-generation automated manual transmission with torque converter... Six new models will appear in the MY16 Isuzu N Series range; most notably the updates will see the launch of the NNR 65-150 models are rated at 6,500kg GVM and are powered by the 4-cylinder 4JJ1 engine... Also new to the scene is the 2016 NNR 55/45-150, which comes with a GVM rating choice of either 5,500kg or 4,500kg and features larger disc brakes than its lesser-rated models. It will also be available with the TC-AMT... The TC-AMT is available to all models with the 3-litre (150hp) 4JJ1 engine, Isuzu Australia Limited chief engineer of product strategy Simon Humphries says, and will include a P-position shift lever... 
(Photo: Updates across the range include new models and new transmission options)   --   Port Melbourne, VIC, Australia - ATN - 2 Sept 2016



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