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Sep 30, 2016

* India and * China: Stepping up their games

* Asia - GPS Technology means changes for road haulage freight and logistics in

--- A quick look at the latest advances in Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and its relevance to the logistics industry sees serious advances in India with the first ever GPS monitored road haulage movement between India and Bangladesh. The initial trial of the Bangladesh-Bhutan-India-Nepal (BBIN) Motor Vehicles Agreement whereby vehicles can enter any of the four nations’ territory without the need to tranship goods from one country’s truck to another, has now been successfully undertaken... Earlier this month a truck arrived in Delhi having left from Bangladesh passing through the Customs posts en route without a hitch. The system saw the vehicle electronically tracked from Dhaka passing through West Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar, UP and Haryana until upon arrival at the Customs post in New Delhi. Under the protocols of the system the vehicle was sealed electronically with the authorities alerted every time the cargo doors were opened... 
(Photo: Shipping featuring new technologies)   --  New Delhi, India / Beijing, China - Handy Shipping Guide - 27 September 2016

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