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Sep 8, 2016


* DC - The biggest little voice in trucking

... Truckers held little sympathy for what they perceived to be exaggerated, unfair attacks on drivers who statistically were proven to be far safer than four-wheelers... Other groups have appeared on the highway safety stage. The public visibility of all in some ways has dwindled with funding, and railroad groups appear to have gotten out of the business of anti-truck messaging except on size and weight issues. But safety groups have more than made up for that by forming alliances with regulators and sympathetic carrier interests. Their influence has helped lead to regulations requiring the use of speed limiters (officially proposed just a week and a half ago) and electronic logging devices... Since 2002, PATT and CRASH have been united under the Truck Safety Coalition banner. They still use emotional appeals of injured victims or family members of those killed in truck-related crashes to influence policy. That can mean anything from speaking up whenever an hours of service change is in the offing to, most recently, leading a call for mandated active emergency-braking technology... Road Safe America prominently advocates against what Owings calls “piece-work” pay for drivers – the per-mile and percentage methods that he argues encourage hours of service violations. He and other supporters favor an hourly-pay standard for all driver compensation... 
 (Photo) -- Washington, DC, USA -- Overdrive, by Todd Dills - September 06, 2016

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