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Sep 8, 2016

FREIGHT SHUTTLE PROJECT * USA: Electric and driverless one

* Texas - Might solve trucking-related problems. It'ld be the first commercial rollout at Houston's seaport

  (Video from Texas A&M Transportation Institute - 16 July 2016) 

 ... The freight shuttle system (FSS), technology developed at Texas A&M University, is designed to displace trucks so they can operate in more convenient locations — and it’s an electric, driverless system at that... The technology will be on display on Sept. 9 in Bryan, Texas, as the state’s governor stops by to take a look for himself. The event will also serve as the formal announcement of the agreement between a privately funded licensee of the technology and the Port of Houston to develop a freight shuttle system... The idea is to provide a means to transport containers from the port to a hub farther out from busy, congested corridors. That way, oversized trucks don’t have to navigate constricting urban streets, saving time, gas and manpower in the process. It’s about efficiency... Seaports aren’t the only target for the FSS concept. Roop said it could work anywhere the pain point is high enough — any place where trucks must deal with too much congestion or other obstacles... College Station, TXS, USA -- Future Structure, by BEN MILLER - SEPT 6, 2016

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