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Sep 24, 2016

Catenary electric trucks * USA: Not energy conservation or efficiency!

* California - 16,000 catenary trucks would use all California’s electricity with only 2400 to 8300 miles of overhead wires

--- It makes sense to electrify trucks since fuel from oil, coal, and natural gas is finite and unsustainable, and biomass doesn’t scale up (and probably has a negative EROI or at best, is close to break-even)... And sustanable electricity generation is impossible without trucks. For example, trucks are needed from start to finish in the life cycle of wind turbines — from the trucks needed to carry the 8,000 components from dozens of factories world-wide to the factory where it is assembled, to the cement and other trucks that prepare the wind turbine site and take the wind turbine to its destination, and to build and maintain the roads... Since without trucks, civilization shuts down within a week, there is no higher priority than keeping trucks running... So it is very important to see if trucks can be electrified, or if a 100% renewable electric is even possible, or there’s no point in using the remaining fossil energy to build windmills, solar PV, nuclear, and other electricity generating installations. If trucks can’t be electrified and/or a 100% renewable grid isn’t possible, the remaining fossil energy would be better spent on energy conservation, insulation, conversion of industrial farms to organic agriculture, smaller and more widely spread grain storage facilities, passive solar homes and buildings, lower speed limits, and so on... Scaling that up to 20,000 heavy-duty freight trucks that run just seconds apart, if that is even possible (we don’t know yet), is so energy-intensive that very few stretches of roads could be electrified...
 (Photo Siemens Mobility: Proposed catenary system for I-710 zero-emissions corridor) -- CAL, USA - Resilience - 20 Sept 2015

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