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Sep 6, 2016

BLACK SMOKE TRUCKS * USA: A new rebel and provokative trend

* Colorado - ‘Rolling Coal’ in diesel trucks, to rebel and provoke

  (Video from diesel truck authority - 18 July 2016)

--- There is a new menace on America’s roads: diesel truck drivers who soup up their engines and remove their emissions controls to “roll coal,” or belch black smoke, at pedestrians, cyclists and unsuspecting Prius drivers... Sgt. Chris Worthington of the Montrose Police Department here is out to stop them. “You can hear those trucks across town, driving like idiots,” he said on a recent Friday evening patrol. He is among the first law enforcement officers in the country to be trained at “smoke school” to pick up the skills to police the coal rollers... Anyone who tampers with emissions-control equipment violates the Clean Air Act, which prohibits the selling or installing of any component intended to bypass emissions equipment and carries penalties of up to $2,500... Enforcing that ban on the street is difficult, however... A bid in Colorado that would have made rolling coal a misdemeanor was defeated in April. “Are we overreaching here?” Mark Scheffel, a Republican state senator, argued in committee. “It’s just kids with too much time and money on their hands”... 
 Montrose, COLO, USA - The New York Times, by HIROKO TABUCHI - SEPT. 4, 2016

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