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Aug 16, 2016

UNIONS' ACTION * Australia - Congestion and road damage

* New South Wales - More than 1000 extra trucks on road due to union action

--- NSW motorists will compete with around one thousand extra trucks and over 300 extra buses on the road by the end of current, damaging industrial action by unions – raising safety issues and causing congestion and road damage – the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) said today... The additional heavy vehicles on the road come as result of 200 hours of industrial action being waged by the Unions; and valuable freight and passengers that would have originally travelled by rail being transferred to road... The Combined Unions have said they reserve the right to notify and take further industrial action in the future so there remains a high level of uncertainty... The Unions are able to continue to take rolling industrial action indefinitely until a new Enterprise Agreement is registered... 
Sidney, NSW, Australia - The Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC), by Bas Bolyn - 13 August 2016

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