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Aug 6, 2016

TRUCKS POLLUTION * Europe - A proposal for legislation by the end of 2019

* Belgium - The European Commission announced new standards for pollution with heavy weight trucks

  (Video by Goyalive - Mar 17, 2012: "I made a new truck spotting video today, it was a while ago when I posted a video here. But I am back")

 --- The establishment of CO2 standards for heavy weight figure among the measures adopted, which received the assent of the Council and the European Parliament. In their thinking, the Commission's experts cite this figure would that lorries are responsible for a quarter of CO2 emissions from road transport. Emissions which according to some projections, expected to increase by 10% between 2010 and 2030... The Commission intends to launch a public consultation to prepare a legislative proposal by the end of 2019. The roadmap it has set aims to reduce these emissions "well before 2030"... The procedure, on the implementation of the CO2 standards, should take into consideration or the motor or the entire vehicle. "Europe can not be left behind," the Commission said in a statement, citing, as an example, countries like Canada , the Japan , the China or the United States that have already introduced such standards... 
 Brussels, Belgium - WK Transport et Logistique - 29 July 2016

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