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Aug 8, 2016

TRUCKS FEES * USA: For drayage ones at LA & LB Ports

* California - Shippers say chassis fee to reduce LA-LB's port competitiveness

---  The fee increase has been postponed once and could add a total of $29 million to the costs of operating at the port complex... Shippers said Tuesday the decision by marine terminal operators in Los Angeles-Long Beach to impose a $5 gate fee on chassis moves will reduce the competitiveness of the largest U.S. port complex by adding another layer of cost on their operations... For more than 50 years, shipping lines in the U.S. trades tendered a chassis, basically free of charge, to importers and exporters along with each container. Several years ago the carriers began to transition out of the chassis business, selling their equipment primarily to the three major IEPs that operate across the country. The IEPs obviously charge lease rates for the equipment... The new chassis regime is still in flux because carriers oftentimes agree in their shipping contracts with larger BCOs to pay certain costs associated with chassis, but smaller BCOs are on their own...
(Photo: Drayage truck entering Port of Los Angeles)  - - Los Angeles, CAL, USA - JOC, by Bill Mongelluzzo - Aug 02, 2016

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