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Aug 12, 2016

TATA MOTORS * India: 'Use Dipper at Night'

* Delhi - Indian truckers get their own condom brand

  (Video by BWBusinessworld - Jun 22, 2016: Truck marketer Tata Motors wanted to promote safe sex among Indian truck drivers. Created by Rediffusion Y&R, 'Dipper Condoms' was to address this brief)  

--- 'Use Dipper at Night.' The slogan that has revved the truckers' engines ever since is now becoming a condom brand especially for Indian truckers. All thanks to Tata Motors... A condom brand dedicated to Indian truckers has been finally been launched in the country to promote safe sex for truckers... All those heavily decorated trucks revving on the highways across India have one thing in common, a slogan. A slogan that has defined trucking for a very long time now. Remember Use Dipper at Night, the safety warning painted on the truck?... India's largest truck maker Tata Motors has teamed up with logistics and supply chain company Transport Corporation of India Ltd, the TCI Foundation, and communications agency Rediffusion for a pilot project that has already sold 45,000 packets of condoms at the foundation's health centers for truckers... To promote safer sex, they borrowed the warning often mentioned on Indian trucks, 'Use Dipper at Night', and out of that, they created a condom brand specifically for Indian truckers, called Dipper, and it only costs 2 bucks... 
New Delhi, Delhi, India - The India Today, by Mohak Gupta - August 10, 2016

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