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Aug 8, 2016


* NY - Three ways 3D printing is (quietly) revolutionizing trucking

Photo courtesy Ford Motor Co. : Since December 2014, Ford Motor Co. has been collaborating with Carbon3D in using that company's Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) 3D printing technology and says the parts made "are applicable for a range of needs of Ford vehicles"...

--- And here we've been expecting Amazon package trucks that'll 3D print items ordered onboard as the trucks rush to deliver them. It might not be quite that dramatic a change yet, but 3D printing already is influencing trucking and transportation in a number of ways — and maybe just as significantly... Yes, the patent Amazon was awarded in February last year for 3D printing on trucks made some waves and has been talked about as a potential disruptor of current trucking and supply chain norms. That could be even more the case if the online marketplace giant combines the idea with its equally buzz-generating concept of sending delivery drones to your door...

Photo courtesy Daimler AG: 3D printed spare parts for Mercedes-Benz Actros series trucks in the European market.

Photo courtesy IBM by Rich Riggins/Feature Photo Service: - Local Motors CEO John B. Rogers, Jr. stands next to the company's 3D printed, self-driving, electric minibus called Olli, which uses IBM Watson Internet of Things technology.
Photo courtesy Ford Motor Co.: A 3D printed bumper piece for a Ford Transit van (right above) and electrical grommet for a Focus

New York, NY, USA - Fleet Owner, by Aaron Marsh - Aug 2, 2016



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