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Aug 10, 2016


* Queensland - Truckie's journey from heart attack to healthy

--- Life on the road is tough, but it's a whole lot tougher when you're carrying an extra keg or two... Truckie Chris Dwyer found this out the hard way, after his type two diabetes progressed to insulin-dependence, and he had a heart attack as a result of his weight... After a tough stint working away doing heavy haulage float work, his health hit an all time low, and he almost had to give up his licence... Life wasn't easy at that point, Chris weighed more than 120 kilograms and was fed up with all the health problems mounting up. He decided to take action... Chris started with his GP and then eventually a specialist after trying just about everything else, from exercise to a range of diets... After weighing up the options, the specialist worked through the options with Chris and decided that a gastric sleeve was the way to go... The operation involved removing about 80% of his stomach, which reduces his appetite and ensures keeping the weight off long term... Immediately after the procedure, Chris got a big wake up call... "I'd only been out of the operation for about an hour and a half and I had a heart attack in the recovery room,” he said... Once the post-op recovery was over, Chris was back to work... He says food choices on the road are tough, but they've had to change a lot to support his weight loss... All areas of his life have improved and Chris says not only is the job a heck of a lot easier, but his wife loves the weight loss too!... 
 (Photo: Chris Dwyer has lost 40 kilos, healthy and happy) -- Hatton Vale, Queensland, Australia - Big Rigs, by Cobey Bartels - 10th Aug 2016

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