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Aug 8, 2016

ISUZU TRUCKS * Australia

* Queensland - Can the Isuzu F-Series new, cement the brand’s leadership position?

---  Isuzu has been dominating the Australian light and medium-duty truck market for decades but still doesn’t appear to be easing off on the development front... One reason why Isuzu has been leading the sales leader board for 27 consecutive years is the company’s on-going commitment to market research. By closely listening to the Australian transport community, the brand is constantly re-aligning its product portfolio with the market to ensure all research and development efforts are issue-focused and applicable to real life...

Operational efficiency is one crucial focus area that has been coming up time and again as part of that process, prompting the OEM to update the medium-duty F Series range for the 2016 season and expand it with a total of 11 all-new models. To find out just how much of an impact Isuzu’s continuous improvement processes have had on the range... 
 Brisbane, QNLD, Australia - Prime Mover - 1st, August 2016



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