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Aug 9, 2016

Freight communication is going digital * USA

* California - Digitized trucking to rely on precision mapping, smart roads and on-board analytics

--- Trucking companies are increasingly investing in intelligent tracking technologies that allow shippers and carriers to better monitor and manage drivers, vehicles and their cargo... In the near term, this means better efficiency, safety and savings, according to proponents... But with even the physical infrastructure starting to communicate with vehicles, some say that the roads and everything on them are on the verge of full automation... At the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, auto supplier Continental Automotive demonstrated its eHorizon sensor system. Using three-dimensional maps crowd-sourced with real-time topographic data and GPS signals, vehicles fitted with eHorizon on Las Vegas roads adapted their driving styles to upcoming hills, dips and curves... But heavy consolidation among freight companies makes industrywide digital networking difficult. Developing common, compatible data formats is a tall order when the industry is so fragmented... New regulation from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires interstate truckers to switch from paper logs of driving hours and instead install electronic logging devices... The agency predicts that the rule, which enforces limits on driving time to prevent fatigue, will affect 3 million drivers and save an average of 26 lives a year while preventing 562 injuries... “The small guys not only run more hours but also at faster speeds than is legal,” Larkin said. “You have to push the safety envelope to survive, which is kind of sad” ... 
 (Graphic: Continental - Illustration of a connected highway)  --  San Jose, CAL, USA -, by TIFFANY HSU - August 9, 2016

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