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Jul 21, 2016

UBER FOR TRUCKS * France: "Convargo"

* Paris - "Convargo" wants to connect shippers with truckers

--- A new startup is de-cloaking today. Convargo, launching in France, is the latest attempt to bring Uber-like convenience to the shipping industry, by connecting shippers with truckers... what exactly the startup does. Operating a model that sounds similar to U.S.-based Trucker Path and Cargomatic, Convargo’s platform connects shippers with local carriers, including facilitating the booking process... It claims to let you get a quote and book a shipment in just 3 clicks, while giving you access to thousands of local carriers. Through the app you can track the position of your goods in real time, and receive immediate proof of delivery upon arrival... For the carriers themselves, the startup promises to send them more business and reduce overheads as it’s effectively a cheaper middle person, with lower overheads itself. The usual online marketplace play, you might surmise. Interestingly, I’m told that 90 per cent of carriers in Europe have fewer than six trucks, so it’s a highly fragmented industry... 
(Photo: Uber for Truckers_France. Launching in France, Convargo)   --  Paris, Ile de France, France - TechnoCrunch, by Steve O'Hear - Jun 19, 2016

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