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Jul 16, 2016

TRUCKS FOOD * Venezuela: To help a hungry majority

* Venezuela - Trucks food directly to the poorest as chaos spreads

--- Catia, a vast network of makeshift homes in western Caracas, has long been a proud bastion of Venezuelan socialism. The residents may be working class but their housing is subsidized, their clinics free, their favorite color ruling-party red... Red T-shirts were everywhere in Catia one recent morning but not for another ribbon cutting. This time, loyalists were unloading a government truck packed with food for once-resolute supporters whose pantries are achingly empty... Steeped in oil reserves, the leading edge of leftist populism, Venezuela is descending into chaos. While the opposition gathers signatures to oust the president, the food trucks are part of the latest attempts to hold onto the faith of a disillusioned populace, with the military now overseeing the nation’s food supply. Hunger -- real hunger -- is rearing its head in parts of a country that four decades ago was one of the 20 richest in the world... 
(Photo by Manaure Quintero/Bloomberg: Members of a CLAP group receive a food truck in Catia)   --  Caracas, Venezuela - Bloomberg, by Andrew Rosati & Fabiola Zerpa - 13 July 2016



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