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Jul 12, 2016

TRUCKING PROGNOSIS * Europe: Testing 6-wheeled robotic delivery trucks

* UK -  These cute 6-wheeled robotic delivery trucks begin testing in Europe

  (Video from The Verge . Feb 23, 2016: Starship is a self-driving delivery robot made for the suburbs. It can carry food, groceries, or packages up to two miles at a top speed of four miles an hour. It drives on sidewalks, so it uses cameras and computers to avoid obstacles like pedestrians or animals) 

 --- Here comes a shiny new fleet of prototype robotic delivery vans from Starship Technologies, all revved up for real-life trials in London, Dusseldorf and Bern, zipping around town carrying meals to hungry customers via a partnership with take-out services Pronto and Just Eat and carting small packages for Metro Group and Hermes. With dozens of six-wheeled, self-driving Starship vehicles set to prowl city streets, these upcoming tests will provide Starship with comprehensive data and "know-how on running real robotic delivery services" at short distances. If you're thinking about swiping one, beware! The futuristic mini-vans invented by Skype co-founders are equipped with a lock-out mechanism and loudspeakers for theft deterrence... Although eventually aimed at autonomous operation, the first trials will utilize humans operating the miniature vans remotely through their system of onboard sensors and cameras. After an order is placed, customers will be texted a special PIN number via their cell phone to unlock the van's storage trunk to retrieve their goods or food. Starships are designed to cruise along at 4 mph and work within a 2-3 mile radius of their launch point, zooming in and out of hinged pet doors at restaurants or warehouses to destinations nearby... 
London, EN, UK - Blastr by Jeff Spry - Jul 07, 2016



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