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Jul 20, 2016

TRUCKERS' SLEEP APNEA * Australia: As bad as drink driving

* WA - Driving with sleep apnoea as bad as drink driving

--- Suffering from even mild sleep apnoea is proven to be as bad as drink driving, and if 20% of middle-aged Australians have the condition, it’s a serious safety concern... Truckies have a high rate of apnoea, and it basically means they stop breathing constantly throughout the night which triggers the brain to send a wake-up call and it means they wake up tired... Chair of the sleep health foundation Professor David Hillman is a Perth-based sleep physician who has worked with a range of transport workers across his career... A study from 2009 found that suffering from obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) can up to triple a person’s risk of car accident or injury, and findings like that are the reason people diagnosed have to get treatment in order to retain their commercial licence... The more alarming statistic though, is that up to 20% of middle-aged people stop breathing five to 15 times per hour, which is considered mild sleep apnoea... A range of documented studies have found that the health issues associated with sleep apnoea include blood pressure, depression, risk of stroke, heart attack, impotence in men, diabetes and even cancer... 
(Photo by Rob Williams - SOUND REST: Sleep scientist and manager of CPAP Direct in Booval Jamie Williams with the gear)  --  Perth, Western A., Australia - Big Rigs, by Cobey Bartels - 16th Jul 2016



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